Soham Kale

Full Stack Engineering

Soham Kale is a software designer and developer passionate about bringing supercomputing power to everyone, using a trustless, scalable framework with the Blockchain. He hopes to parallelize traditionally sequential computing tasks using unprecedented methods, including artificial intelligence to efficiently compartmentalize tasks to be run on everyday processors. He has a background in creating delightful user experiences, API-driven central architectures, and taskoriented,scheduled multi-processing for large computing jobs.

He is currently designing Astra’s API for user account management, user device communication, and project creation. He is also building the Astra web app for a fluid experience both for donating computing power for a project of one’s choice, as well as for creating and deploying a project of one’s own to be tokenized and parallelized. Soham also works on the desktop client used to create and deploy work-units on client machines, capable of accepting, parsing, and running tasks using processor, GPU, and memory resources, based on user preference. He hopes to fully realize the Astra service as a collaborative platform by furthering client computer threading, as well as adding social features to the Astra platform to bring together project developers and contributors into a fully-fledged community.

Soham has a background in full stack development, UX design, process scheduling, pub-sub design strategies, and Blockchain systems design. He also has experience in high energy field mechanic research, including the designing of simulation strategies. He developed methods for creating and sustaining Monte-Carlo simulations of neutrino production in tellurium beta decays, as well as designing hardware-oriented noise reduction mechanisms in tellurium bolometers. He also has experience in language design, having created and is currently working on the interpreted, optionallytyped, stateful, fully programmable and Turing-complete language Heap. He is currently pursuing a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Physics Engineering, at University of California at Berkeley. He hopes to pursue a Masters in Computer Science after his graduation.

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