Rajesh Trivedi

Founder & CEO

Rajesh Trivedi is a seasoned technology entrepreneur who excels in discovery, conceptualization, and development of new technology markets and industries. He excels in discerning the structure and economics of an emerging industry and what is required to win it. He has extensive experience in Engineering, Marketing, Strategy Development and Execution in the Software, Databases, Blockchain, Networking, Semiconductors, and High Performance Computing industries. Mr. Trivedi is a thought leader in the emerging technology of Trust Machines (or Blockchains) and its long-term implications for our worldwide economy, society, and governance.

Rajesh Trivedi conceptualized the idea of a worldwide Trustworthy Supercomputer into Astra project, wrote the whitepaper, developed the business plan, and built a talented team of Computer Architects, Artificial Intelligence experts, Computer Networking veterans, and Blockchain pioneers. At Astra, his primary responsibilities are – set the company’s strategic and technical directions; build and inspire the world-class team; craft market communications strategy; create worldwide awareness about the Astra project; execute strategic partnerships; raise financing; and do whatever it takes to make the team and project successful.

Rajesh Trivedi started his career as an Engineer with Xilinx, the Programmable Semiconductors (or FPGAs) company. At Xilinx he designed and developed large-scale databases for storing and processing electronic designs with millions of transistors. He also developed high-speed algorithms for routing electronic circuits on Field Programmable Gate Arrays. After rigorous training in strategy, marketing, and finance at full-time business school he worked as Marketing and Business Development Manager in Optical Networking industry. Later he worked in Marketing and Corporate Strategy roles at Altera, Xilinx, and Lattice Semiconductor. In these roles he crafted winning market strategies, established enduring brands, and executed strategic sales to anchor customers.

Mr. Trivedi earned BS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India; MS in Computer Science from Michigan Technological University; and an MBA from The Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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