Power of Decentralized Computing

The modern economy runs on global computing fabrics. They run communication, coordination, and documentation at the speed of light among collaborating businesses. At present, most of the computing fabrics are centralized – owned and controlled by private enterprises or government institutions. The new decentralized computing fabrics offer many new degrees of freedom and capabilities to the humanity. They will empower people to accomplish tasks they couldn’t do before. In the new decentralized computing fabrics anyone can contribute computing resources, use them, and help run them. Large numbers of independent actors build and run the computing fabric while simultaneously cooperating and competing in a Nash equilibrium (co-opetition).

Astra’s decentralized computing fabrics offer the following new degrees of freedom and capabilities, which will lead to the emergence of hitherto unforeseen markets:

  1. Permission-less Innovation
  2. Trust Automation
  3. People’s Money

Permission-less Innovation: Astra opens worldwide computing market to all entrepreneurs and their innovations. Any entrepreneur can add her innovative computing resources or services to the Astra’s Decentralized Computing Fabric and be compensated for it. They do not need any permission from vertically integrated monopolies for access to worldwide markets.

Trust Automation: So far in the human history only those people who know and trust each other collaborate and do business together. This phenomenon has severely restricted economic opportunities for vast swathes of humanity. In Astra’s decentralized computing fabric with large number of independent agents, it is possible to automate trust. Automation of trust empowers unknown people and machines across the globe to collaborate and do business together. This new technological capability will break economic cartels and business monopolies and open economic opportunities for everyone. It will lead to the emergence of many new orthogonal markets.

People’s Money: The decentralized computing fabrics with trust automation can track any piece of information among unknown parties. This new technological capability gives communities the ability to create their own unique assets (or Tokens) and infuse confidence in them. By designing innovative incentive system and managing the supply and velocity of their tokens, they can build vibrant ecosystems of diverse stakeholders from scratch without requiring any traditional capital infusion using King’s Money. This revolutionary capability to create your own money and run your own monetary policy will lead to burgeoning expansion of economic opportunities all over the world. It will empower people to freely pursue their passions and flourish without any constraints imposed by the elitist King’s Money.

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