Paul Jialiang Wu

Principal AI Scientist

Dr. Paul Wu is an accomplished Mathematician, Data Scientist, and Artificial Intelligence expert. He has developed innovative Artificial Intelligence algorithms in a number of domains, starting with data-intensive Bioinformatic systems, worldwide computer networks, and the latest Blockchain-based systems. So far, Dr. Paul Wu has published 7 peer-reviewed research papers in technical academic journals. He is also a gifted coach who excels in teaching complex technical concepts in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence through storytelling.

At Astra, Dr. Paul Wu conceptualizes, designs, and directs Machine Learning projects. He has developed Deep Learning techniques to transform Disperse Dynamic Networks into a High Performance Computing Networks for Medical and Scientific Research. He is also developing Deep Learning algorithms for discovery of promising Crypto-currencies so that they can be efficiently mined on Astra’s Worldwide Network.

Dr. Paul Wu has 8 years of deep experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Probability Modeling, Statistical Data Analysis, and Systems Engineering. He has designed and implemented 4 data-driven software systems to translate analytic insights into actionable business recommendations. Dr. Wu has in-depth understanding of various Deep Learning algorithms and their application to solve specific problems.

Dr. Paul Jialiang Wu graduated with BS in Applied Mathematics from Sun-Ye-Sen University. He earned MS in Mathematics and ME in Computer Engineering from the University of South Carolina. Later, he earned PhD in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology from Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Paul Wu received his post-doctoral training in Computational Systems Immunology at the prestigious Yale University.

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