Frequently Asked Questions

Astra is a community-oriented Social Supercomputer where every day common people come together to build one of the most powerful Supercomputer in the world. Initially, Astra plans to use this decentralized computing platform for Scientific Discoveries and establishing collective Social Truths. People share their computing power for Medical Research, Scientific Discoveries and for building Trustworthy Public Data Repositories (or Blockchains), and earning valuable Digital Currencies.

In their long entrepreneurial careers, the founders of Astra have learnt that however disruptive a new solution may be, it is difficult to directly displace entrenched incumbents. The success is more likely if the disruptive technology is used to create a new hitherto unforeseen market or provide solutions for under-served markets.

Therefore, Astra is initially targeting the under-served market of Scientific Computing and the new market of Crypto-currencies mining.

In any decentralized ecosystem, the biggest challenge is how to attract a large number of independent members and motivate them to perform critical tasks.

When building a decentralized computing platform, one of the biggest challenges is how to motivate members to share necessary computing resources. Astra is building communities with both social and economic incentives to attract and retain large number of independent contributors.

Astra is an international project founded in Silicon Valley but with team members and contributors from around the world.

Astra currently has 8 team members and 4 insightful advisers with extensive technology and business experience.

The STAR tokens will be distributed after the public sale. The token distribution will be 10% after the public sale and the balance equally over 180 days.

Please join our Telegram channels to ask any questions and stay abreast of our
progress. Once the project is launched you may also join one of the Astra communities for scientific discoveries to contribute computing resources and earn valuable Digital Currencies.

Astra has two meanings in the ancient Greek and Sanskrit languages. In Greek, it stands for ‘Star’. In Sanskrit, it means a ‘Weapon’ – a ‘weapon’ against dreadful diseases and corruption.

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