Eliot Weber

Principal Blockchain Engineer

Eliot has depth and breadth of experience in areas which include mathematics, blockchain technology, AI, low-level back-end systems software engineering, compiler internals, virtualization, and business development. Since discovering blockchain technology in 2013, closely tracking its rapid emergence, he has been immersed in its myriad protocol internals, cryptographic primitives, implementation details, and applications. He enjoys its elegant overlaps with mathematics, software engineering, and visions for a world where immutable information can be discovered, trusted, and very securely relied upon in a manner which does not use centralized third parties.

Eliot is currently working on the backend of the Astra – The Social Supercomputer, integrating infrastructure for the execution of highly compute-intensive scientific tasks in a massively parallel, distributed manner. Alongside this, he is developing the internal details of Astra’s blockchain protocols and their mathematical underpinnings, which, intrinsic to the Decentralized Supercomputer, will ensure that resources are allocated in ways which are universally agreed upon, and information is secured and trustworthy, regardless of the level of integrity of any individual participant. He will assist with the overall architecture of the system, blockchain and machine learning algorithms, as well as business development.

Eliot founded and ran Aware Systems, a software company which was successful for many decades. He developed a virtualization of a mini-computer operating system and programming environment, allowing thousands of organizations worldwide to preserve and maintain mission critical large scale applications, saving them from re-development costs and employee retraining. Prior to this he was primarily a compiler engineer, working on designing, porting, and extending multiple computer languages in both the AI and business spaces. He also taught many university level mathematics courses and worked as an AI researcher in natural language and automatic programming. He has assisted numerous blockchain startups with business development and software architecture.

He is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, with two Bachelor’s degrees, in Mathematics and Computer Science, and a Masters in Mathematics. He is a graduate of the first cohort of the Blockchain University, and more recently had intensive training in Linux kernel internals, as well as the Python and GO languages.

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